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Quality Control

Our Quality control testing process has been developed over a number of years and consists of a group of tests that we use to gather information about the effectiveness of our designs. These tests give us an effective way to evaluate any design we are asked to look at. The tests we use are all visual tests that allow us to see or experience the website as potential visitors may experience the site. The tests all produce visual feedback that help us identify potential problems. Once potential problems are identified and understood, coming up with solutions is much easier.

Most books, magazines and Internet sites about website design usually state that it is important to continually test websites as they are being developed. They usually talk about the importance of testing the site in different browsers and many suggest that other testing is important too but don't spell out what other tests to use. We agree that all websites should be tested in many different web browsers but we have found other tests that are very helpful as well. Any quality control program's purpose is to identify errors, so they can be eliminated, before the customer receives the product. The tests we use allow us to identify any design flaws so they can be eliminated from the finished design.

We will outline 5 different tests here that provide a good starting point for any web design quality control process. The tests all produce visual results that can be easily understood by people experienced in website design and by people with limited technical website design knowledge. These are not tests that we created. These are tests that we have discovered over the years and we believe, using these tests, provides us with valuable information as we create new website designs and analyse existing websites.