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Established in 2002. Provide all kind of Casting and manufacturer of VALVES & GAS burners. The textile background of the promoters has helped the company in carving a niche for it itself in this sphere within a short span of time.
Our Endeavour is always to adopt New Technology with latest state of the art equipment & technologies in product Development & production. We are at present using CNC Machines for Better Accuracy & vast production. We are using Bar Code System for Inventory Control & Traceability.
Continuous Improvement demands  require all manufacturersto take a serious, structured approach to value analysis andthe adoption of lean process methodology while at the sametime allowing latitude for creative breakthroughs. In line with this expectations, J. A. Lokhandwala strives to identify opportunities for continuous improvement and cost reduction to be passed directly to the customer, while increasing the value of the entire business relationship. And for this, we are concentrating a lot on Improving the Technology & product development.